Skiatook High School Athletics


Memorial flourishes late to topple Skiatook


SKIATOOK—When the Memorial Chargers (3-3) visited the Skiatook Bulldogs (3-3), Memorial took the game 35-22 despite trailing the vast majority of the first half. Skiatook was up 22-21 in the second half, but four straight scoring drives from Memorial propelled the team to victory. Skiatook had several bright spots throughout the night, including good play from Shae Garner and Cody Evans, who piloted the offense, but failure to stop Memorial on defense cost Skiatook late in the game. Skiatook was the first team to put any points on the board when senior Jeremy Townsend reeled in a pass from quarterback Cody Evans early in the first quarter, and Skiatook took a 6-0 lead. Memorial charged back with a short touchdown run, but this came on a drive that nearly fell through in the redzone, until a pass interference penalty on fourth and goal bailed out the Chargers, allowing them to rush for a one yard score on the next play and they went up 7-6. The Shae Garner show took over in the second quarter, when the team captain hauled in a deep touchdown pass and then scored on a two point conversion attempt on the following play, giving Skiatook a clean 14-7 lead. After a long run from TK Wilkerson, Skiatook had one yard to go and two seconds left in the half for the chance to go up by two scores, but a quarterback sneak up the middle fell inches short as the half expired. The second half opened with a quick score from Memorial when the Chargers completed a deep pass down the right sideline for the game-tying score, 14-14. Skiatook fans began getting nervous, however, on Memorial’s next drive. After breaking loose on a run down the sideline, Memorial scored from 45 yards out to recapture the lead, 21-14. The Bulldogs began to move the ball in response, and they capped off their drive with a touchdown run on a quarterback keeper from Cody Evans. This brought Skiatook to within a point, and after a gutsy play call and some crafty running from Shae Garner, the Bulldogs converted a two-point attempt and went up 22-21. Memorial quickly closed the gap and expanded the lead after scoring a touchdown again on the next drive, making it three straight for the Chargers, and after going for a two-point-conversion the Chargers stretched the lead to 29-22 with 6 minutes left in the game. After scoring yet again with 2:31 left in the game, the Chargers took a 35-22 lead, which they kept to the end of the game.